Lil Duval shows non-celebs why the paparazzi are so annoying…


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Pete Davidson explains how to correctly half-ass Valentine’s Day.

How To Blackmail Your Girlfriend: Funny Video From FATAWESOME

You probably think that it would take a criminal mastermind to blackmail your girlfriend into never asking you to see a romantic comedy ever again. Thankfully, the guys at FATAWESOME made this video to show you just how easy it actually is. Before you start deciding what you want to extort from your girlfriend, the video also shows girls how to blackmail guys…

Fresh seafood is delicious, but canned fish is so disgusting. And canned fish semen? The only reason to eat that is apparently for the sake of other people’s laughter.


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These guys take cockblocking their buddy to an explosive level.


1 of 5 epic playoff meltdowns from fans who NEED to chill. More videos at Guy Code blog.

Ventriloquist who picks up women using his puppet as a wingman, we salute you.