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#NewYork #standup #comedy tomorrow night in #Manhattan! #guycode #free #show #funny #comedyshow #standupcomedy #live

Not anymore.

Not anymore.

10 Reasons Why I’m Glad I Didn’t Drink In College



It might seem like a huge mistake to go without drinking in college — if you can remember it, you weren’t really there, right? — but, looking back, I’m glad I was an undergrad teetotaler, because it helped me develop respectable standards for myself as a grown man. It also helped me avoid trouble. Here are 10 reasons why sobriety was not necessarily a bad thing during my college years.

1. Being The DD Feels Good

There was never any disagreement among my friends about who was going to drive on a night out. I was always thedesignated driver, and I liked it. I liked that my friends could get wrecked and count on me to get us home safe in an un-wrecked car. I enjoyed and took pride in my responsibilities as the pilot.

2. I Didn’t Drown My GPA

Sure, college is also a place to develop social aptitude, but it’s sorta foolish to kill brain cells while you’re paying $40,000/year for school. You could do that for free (well, for the happy hour special) anywhere else. Because I didn’t drink, I was able to grow socially, without missing class because of a crushing hangover.

3. I Learned Not To Be “That Guy”

When you’re the one sober guy at the party, you witness the many different types of drunk guy, and you choose the intoxicated behaviors you never want to publicly demonstrate. For instance, I concluded that I never wanted to yell,“Wooooooooo!” and vomit in a sink.

4. I Staved Off Infection

I have a friend who got herpes from playing Flip Cup. That means he got herpes directly from drinking, not just from bad choices related to drinking. (Huge ripoff.) And pinkeye is really embarrassing. Just ask Vinny from “Jersey Shore.”

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