Jon Gabrus drunk dials his dad and it gets real awkward.


Our editor is a poorly animated cartoon character who has been ignored by the “Catfish” guys in his cries for online dating help. He took matters into his own hands and attempted his first meeting with Papyrus after months of chatting online.

Andrew W.K.’s Party Ideology Motivates Ryan McKee: Animated Blogger

Now is a good chance to let MTV Clutch newbies know that our blog is run by a badly drawn cartoon character named Ryan McKee: Animated Blogger. It doesn’t make sense and is obviously a huge hiring error on MTV’s part, but he’s running things for now and we’re forced to put up with him. Recently, Ryan noticed that morale seemed a little low around the offices and decided to bring in a motivational speaker to boost people’s spirits. Enter Andrew W.K.! Read more.